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It is Not No-Man’s Land at Champon

On March 17, a Belizean, Carlos Manzanero was killed in the area between the borders of Benque Viejo del Carmen and Melchor de Mencos, Peten, Guatemala.  Sixteen days later, Guatemalan national, Bryan Geovanny Corado was murdered in the same area.  In the first instance, the Organization of American States had become involved in the investigation merely to ascertain the GPS coordinates as to where the homicide occurred.  Yesterday, Love News spoke with Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington on the incidents and the crime scenes.


“It is not correct that it is no man’s land. It is clear what part of that area belongs to Belize and what part of the area belongs to Guatemala although the ordinary citizen doesn’t know that, that is clearly defined or can be ascertained by using the GPS or whatever it is. So my information is that the last incident occurred in Guatemala and I think it is that a Guatemalan citizen died so that is the situation. So it’s either in Belize territory or Guatemalan territory but most of it is domestic matters so long as it doesn’t involve our armed forces and the like it doesn’t create the problem that an incident involving the armed forces creates. Because of the years you know we’ve had civilian deaths in Belize of Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Honduranians it’s no problem it is only when you have this border thing with the military.”


“So there is a definition there in terms of…”


“Our border is very clearly defined based on the 1859 treaty, it is very clearly defined, the coordinates are there so that we know where it is or we can ascertain where it is because once the geographer and the surveyors get there they are using their GPS and they can tell us whether it was in Belize territory or Guatemalan territory.”

A copy of the OAS report has been requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but it is yet to be delivered.