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It’s All About the Optics, Says Briceno

Last week Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that the Government of Belize would go to the Caribbean Court of Justice to challenge the legal cost associated with the settlement agreement signed in Miami by GOB and the Ashcroft Alliance. This agreement is in relation to the number of years that GOB and Michael Aschroft were involved in over the nationalization of the Belize Telemedia limited. Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno reacted to the Prime Minister’s statement saying that it is all a sham.


“I don’t know why he is going to the Caribbean Court of Justice it is an agreement that he signed. He as an attorney and his law partner Rodwell Williams both of them are senior counsel they can understand legal language. They know what they signed, to me it is sham. He knew what he was signing and now he wants to give the impression to the Belizean people as if he is fighting for them because he has been proudly waving and saying he is going to get this special trust fund for the Belizean people and we the government are going to take out monies from that so that we can do something for the Belizean people just ot find out that almost all of the  money is going to pay the legal fees of the former owners of BTL. The Prime Minister knowingly signed that agreement, it is a sham. It is all optics as he likes to say because he knows what he signs, he knows what the Caribbean Court of Justice is going to tell him that he has to pay these legal fees because he agreed to it. Unfortunately we the Belizean people, we the tax payers are the ones that are going to pay for the foolish decisions, the hubris, arrogance and spitefulness of the Right Honorable Prime Minister and the UDP government.