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It’s Not the Belize Flag!!!

At a time when the words like patriotism and sovereignty are being used frequently by Belizeans, a misrepresentation of the very object that identifies us an independent nation, the Belizean flag, can be very well deemed as an unforgiveable blunder.  If you traverse the Philip Goldson Highway within city limits you may have noticed something odd about the flag recently hoisted on a newly built base.  Not only is the Coat of Arms not proportionate to the blue background but the two Baymen are not on the flag and the leaves on the coat of arms are not set to border the white circle in the middle.  The presence of such a symbol that does not come close to the true Belizean flag has been garnering much criticisms on social media with comments referencing the push and desire to fight for Belize at the Sarstoon when we can’t even get the flag right.  It is a travesty to say the least although Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley is yet to cite any issues with the flag.


Love News understands that it is an initiative being funded by Benny’s Home Centre.