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ITVET graduation exercise

On Thursday night, the Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ITVET in Belize City held a graduation ceremony for trainees. Keynote speaker was Dr. Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Carol Babb :

“Spend a lot of your time on learning new skills and combining it with the one you have. With hard work and consistency you will find yourself in a position of power and success. One of the policies that I would like to make as Chief Education Officer is to make it mandatory for all students in secondary schools to take at least one technical or vocational subject. As a ministry we need to promote technical and vocational education more because technical and vocational education will definitely improve in the development of this country.”

The trainees who graduated did not include the over a hundred others who were trained during the course of this year. The graduates included high school students from Belize City and others from the Ocean Academy in Caye Caulker.