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ITVET sends 15 past students to work electrical in Anguilla

The Institute of Technical Vocational and Educational Training (ITVET) is proud to announce that fifteen of its past electrical students have been offered an employment opportunity to work as electricians at the DCK Company in Anguilla. Elvis Franklin, the Manager of ITVET spoke to Love News about the first time opportunity that has been offered to these electrical students.

Elvis Franklin Manager ITVET: “We have a partnership agreement through our job placement officer authority event that was formed between DCK Construction which is a world wide construction company based in Anguilla. They asked us to provide them with 15 electricians through our ITVET and so forth we have provided them with 14 from Belize City ITVET and one from Orange Walk ITVET so presently we have 15 trainees from our electrical program getting ready to leave for Anguilla today to do some commercial and residential, electrical work in Anguilla. Every year we send our trainees on what we call on the job training where we have a placement officer at the ITVET that is responsible to get placement for all these trainees. Now this is the first time in history that we have made this linkage at regional and international level so its for the first time that are trainees are actually going outside to perform such duties so we had made this partnership with this company called DCK Construction and presently they will be providing training for these employees for about two to three months and they will be providing everything for the trainees in terms of transportation, accommodation, payment and probably they might even keep these trainees on full-time if everything works out perfectly for them over there in Anguilla. We had screened the list of previous electoral trainees that have graduated from the last year program and from previous years and we have selected some of the better candidates to go out for this exposure.”

Siraj Khan, who is a past student of ITVET and is also the selected leader to the group, shared more about the opportunity he and the others have gotten to work in Anguilla.

Siraj Khan: “Today our classmate and such are going to Anguilla where we are going to work contract through ITVET where we are going to be working for two months representing Belize and ITVET as electricians. Some of us are licensed and certified electricians. The international company is called DCK where they do renovation, they build new buildings like resorts, restaurants and commercial types of buildings so we will be working for them as electricians wiring different sorts of building, some are hotels and restaurants. A past student from ITVET is actually working there as the head of the electrician group and the the boss told him that they want more electricians so he said he knows from ITVET so they gave ITVET and call and that’s where we came into play.

Another recipient who has been selected to work in Anguilla is Noe Verde, a graduate of the Orange Walk ITVET, and also graduate of the Fisheries Department Skills Training Course which was funded by the Adaptation Project and Belize Marine Conservation and Climate Adaptation Project. Verde also spoke about the opportunity he received to go and work in the electrical field.

Noe Verde: “I have been working in Sarteneja for the past couple of two years. I have been doing residential houses there. I have been working along with a more experienced electrician in Sarteneja and I have been doing a lot of different things with this person and so I have gained a lot of experience through that. I was informed by some persons from the NCAP group. They were contacted by ITVET and so they informed me about this opportunity so I thought I would work with ITVET Belize City to have this opportunity. I am very thankful to MCP which is the Marine Conservation of Adaptation and Climate Change project under the Fisheries Department. Through them I got the opportunity to take the electrical training at Orange Walk so I am very thankful to them for that opportunity also to ITVET Belize now for this opportunity and ofocuse the people from Orange Walk ITVET, the teachers Mr. Jowell. I want to give thanks to him because he was a very good motivation for us all to finish in a successful way, the training.”