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Ivan Choc Begs for Mercy Before Being Killed

A family is mourning the murder of a sixteen year old boy in Camalotte Village in the Cayo District. Our correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.Eluterio Choc home


On Friday night, November 13 sometime around 8pm based on information received of shots being fired in the Young Bank area of Camalote Village Love News visited the Choc’s residence about three yards off the George Price Highway. Upon arrival at the home, on the floor we saw the lifeless body of a Maya descent male person lying on the floor, faced up in a pool of blood suffering from gunshot wounds to the head and right arm. His name was later learned to be 16-year-old, Ivan Choc, a resident of that village. Love News spoke to the father of the deceased, 35-year-old, Eluterio Choc, who explained that unforgettable moment.”


Inside the house everybody was sitting on the floor eating fried chicken because my son told me that since I got paid that I should go buy fried chicken for the family. I said ok and we ate the fried chicken and my wife heard someone walking outside. She then heard another set of footsteps and she turned to me and asked me if I wasn’t going to go out to see who it was. When I came out the guys were already on the steps. I had a machete in my hand should in case something happens. We saw who it was; they had only a black t-shirt tied on their head and you could see their eyebrows and all of their nose, we saw them clearly.  Ivan ChocTwo persons and they came in and the person who shot my son was standing there for five or six minutes in front of my son. He looked as if though he was contemplating killing my son, I don’t think he wanted to because my son was on the floor begging him. My son ran under the table and begged them not to kill him and the guy looked at him and he looked sorry for what he did to my son. From there he cranked the shotgun and fired a shot that caught my son on the hand. The man saw that he didn’t catch my son all that well and my son begged him not to kill him again and begged him not to kill him and the man cranked the shotgun again and he shot him in the head. From there the other man said the he would kill everybody and the next person that killed my son said no that it was just him. They went but my son was not fully dead, he was still breathing for a bout ten minutes. My son shot a month ago, this guy followed him. I didn’t know what was taking place because I was working at Benny’s Cotton Tree and when I came home I didn’t find my son again, I found him in the hospital in surgery. From there we stayed in the hospital for almost two weeks and they released him from the hospital on the 1st of November. Thirteen days later they came to kill him in his house.”


“Police say not too far from where the murder occurred they found a sixteen gauge shotgun which has been packaged for analysis. Police have two men, Russell Hyde Junior and Justin Banner detained after a search of the room they were occupying resulted in the discovery of three nine millimeter rounds of ammunition. They have been charged with possession of unlicensed ammunition. The investigation into the murder continues.”