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Ivan Ramos Uses Area Rep Letterhead and Makes Request to Education Minister

The recently held bi-election in Dangriga was triggered by the resignation of Dangriga’s Area Representative Ivan Ramos on June 9, 2015 … but despite that move to resign from the House of Representatives, Ramos made a request to the Education Minister, Patrick Faber, using his letterhead as Area Representative.  That request letter was sent about three weeks after he resigned from the House.  Love News spoke to Faber on the request and the ministry’s response.


“Did you get that request?”


“Yes, I did receive an email from Mr. Ivan Ramos on the 3rd of July which was a month after he resigned; so, there is no way that that letter can be honored.  He sent the letters to the school as well so I responded to Mr. Ramos saying, in fact, on his letterhead headed, Honourable Ivan Ramos – Area Representative.  I mean, the minute he resigned and they called the by-election he doesn’t any longer have that power to send in those recommendations. What the Ministry did do though, we looked at the list of people and we are going to try our best to assist those people with the help of the new representative once that representative is named today.  So I don’t want those people to think that politics plays any role in them not getting help but Mr. Ramos is no longer the representative and I want to be able to work with the new representative be he red or be he blue because Mr. Ramos knew that he could send in that list because he knows that I help him. I help all the PUP representative and I want to assure those people that Ivan recommended that we can’t take his letter and give him anything more but we will work with the new representative to make sure that they get satisfied too because that is what my business is about. That is what the Ministry of Education’s business is all about. When I am out here I can’t take off that hat. My job is to serve the people and that is exactly what I do.”

Ramos’ resignation came after having some differences within the PUP and after being replaced with Anthony Sabal as the Dangriga Standard Bearer.