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Ixchel Poot wins fellowship

We have interviewed Ix-che Poot several times in her capacity as the Executive Director of the National Council on Ageing where she gets the opportunity to champion the cause of the elderly. However, when she is not doing that, Poot spends her time writing. Poot will get the opportunity to further pursue her passion of writing since she has been granted a fellowship to attend Belize Writers’ Conference.  Love news spoke with Poot who said that she was the only one who was given the scholarship and others will have to pay a little over four thousand dollars to attend.

Ix- Chel Poot Writer: “It is a five day conference being held at the Jaguar Reef Resort in Hopkins and there will be international publishers and literary agents available to work. They will be hosting professional development sessions for writers but also talking about how you can market yourself as a writer. Several mediums that promote the Belize Writers Conference last year was done through the Belize Book Industry Association. There was also publications that were made by the conferences organizers. There is a facebook page and an Instagram page that the Belize Writers Conference maintains a presence and reaches out for other writers. They do rely on Belizeans who write and know of other Belizeans who write to pass the word along.”

The Belize Writers’ Conference will be held at the Jaguar Reef Resort in Hopkins from April 6 to April 11.////