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Jack Charles’ Rice is Gone

The controversial seventy five tons of Guyanese Rice is out of the country. Love News has confirmed with Xtra House Importer, Jack Charles that the rice was exported out of the country on Tuesday night from the Port of Big Creek in Independence Village to Santo Thomas in Guatemala. From there, the rejected Guyanese rice will then be transported to Guyana. Charles would not give an official statement on what he plans to do with the rice once it arrives in Guyana but said he would be holding a press conference when he figures it out. Charles imported the rice back in December of last year but the Customs Department would not allow the port to release the rice. The matter was taken before the courts which found that the importation of the rice was done improperly. Charles was then given two weeks to re-export his rice. He also told us that he spent about seven thousand dollars for storage fee.