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Jack Charles Says Legal Recourse, Last Resort

It is expected that the attorney for importer Jack Charles,  Leeroy Banner, will file a claim in the courts that will engage the government of Belize in a legal war over seventy five tons of Guyanese rice. That rice is still in three twenty foot containers sitting at the Port of Big Creek in Independence Village. Banner said that they are still waiting for a written explanation as to why they were not given the permit. We can safely say that GOB will not allow the rice to be sold in the local market- something that Charles is itching to do at 69 cents per pound. Today we asked Charles via Whatsapp if he is ready for the legal war with GOB and his response was quote, “Court is my last option, because I am in favor of Belizean saving and legal litigations cost tax payers money. If I am not left with any choice then yea I am ready”, end of quote. Well the court may be his last option since, as we said, GOB will not let the rice be sold in the local market. Today, Charles sent out a release in which he states that quote, To date BAHA has not responded in writing to my legal representatives why the containers have been detained and this is very unprofessional, unethical and illegal” end of quote.  We will see what happens tomorrow and keep you updated.