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Jackson Charged for Shooting Police Officer

Thirty-one year old Jamal Jackson, A resident of Supal Street, has been charged for kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Jackson is accused of firing at a women police officer 27-year-old Woman Constable 1845 Sheneah Caliz on Monday night. Police believe he used a glock 9 millimeter pistol to do so.  Jackson pled not guilty to the charges telling Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith that he was beaten by police officers and his life had been threatened by them. However, the Chief Magistrate remanded him into custody until June 7. Police say that Jackson was attempting to rob a security man who was making a deposit at Scotia bank on Albert Street. A mobile patrol unit was in the area and caught Jackson in the act. He reportedly became nervous and fired a single shot which grazed the WPC on the forehead. Police officers and the members of the Gang Suppression Unit, who responded quickly, tracked down Jackson on Prince Street where they had observed blood spots on the ground. GSU officers search the area and found a shirt along with pants which is believed to be the property of Jackson. The GSU followed the blood trail which led them to the corner Kraal Road and South Creek. There they came across Jackson who was walking toward Supal Street. He was bleeding from his right foot and taken to the police station. Officers found the 9mm Glock pistol in the area which was later discovered to be a firearm stolen in Ladyville on September 24, 2015.  As a result, Jackson was slapped with an additional charge of handling stolen goods.