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Jacqueline Willoughby resigns from PSU

Crown Counsel Jacklyn Willoughby resigned from the Public Service Union effective today. Willoughby sent a letter to PSU President Doreth Cayetano Obeymayer in which she states quote, “With great pain, I have come as far as I can go with PSU”.  In the letter, Willoughby says that the PSU has lost its way. Willoughby explains her decision saying “Attempts have been made to tarnish my reputation even when the truth was known, admittedly, by the President. Unfound personal attacks have been perpetrated by members of this council, against me and other members of the union, at the NTUCB table relentlessly”. With respect to those allegations made against Willoughby, she had her attorney Michel Chebat send the PSU a letter threatening to take legal action against  all members of the Council of Management who continued to make the allegations. According to Chebat, the PSU Council of Management has complied with Willoughby’s request.


“I will not repeat what was said of her but Ms. Willoughby came to me with a complaint that certain things were being said by members of the PSU which was defamatory of her. We wrote to the PSU on her behalf and we did receive a response and they are denying that any statements were made but they have cautioned their members that no such statement should be made.”

In his letter, Chebat pointed out that the Council of Management has investigated the matter and has found no basis for it. Willoughby is known for her activism.