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Jaguar killed in Toledo District

Paul Mahung reporting…

“Forest Department Officers continue their investigation into reports of a jaguar that was killed over the weekend in Toledo.Love News visited Officer in Charge, Toledo Machaca Station, Raul Chun who confirmed reports of the Jaguar that was shot.”

Raul Chun – OC, Toledo Machaca Station

“After investigation we can confirm that a jaguar was indeed killed on Sunday night at around 11pm in San Felipe Village, Toledo District. Based on reports received the jaguar was killed as a result of repeated attacks on domesticated animals in that village, in this particular case, the owner of the animals being affected reported to the Forest Department that the jaguar was attacking his animals in close proximity to his family home when he shot the jaguar. This was a case of the owner protecting his domesticated animals. This incident is under investigation by the forest department experts in trying to determine whether this was the same jaguar that was reportedly attacking domesticated animals in the latter part of 2016 in Yemeri Grove villages and other parts of the district. After speaking to the family where the jaguar was killed, the family handed over the carcass of the jaguar to the Forestry Department. The carcass was transported to the Machaca Forest Station where tissue samples for scientific analysis were taken prior to it being buried. The fact remains that the Forest Department is still concerned about human –jaguar conflict and problem jaguars in the Toledo District. The Forest officers continue to meet with affected residents in response to Jaguar attacks. We identify immediate solutions and have assisted farmers in improving management techniques in affected areas. Several of the reported incidents were only sightings of Jaguars which is a natural occurrence in this area. However, other reports found to be Jaguar attacks. It was determined that these Jaguar attacks have been increasing due to a combination of reasons but mostly due to rapid deforestation and habitat loss in these areas, severe overhunting practices and lack of awareness on how to avoid Jaguar attacks. While many officers are heeding the warnings and advice being given by Forestry officers and Jaguar experts, there are still a few farmers who ignore the recommendations and consequently find that the attacks continue. Notably the farmers who have taken our advice found that the attacks have lessened, though challenging we continue to promote the co-existence between humans and Jaguars in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. We want to thank our local farmers for readily implementing some basic techniques that have become part of our consorted effort to address this problem. We also wish to encourage ask residents to be patient with the Forestry Department as we seek ways to reduce the amount of human-jaguar conflict in the Toledo District.”

Paul Mahung

“Forest Officer Raul Chun commented that during the latter part of last year, Forest officers met with concerned and affected Toledo rural residents in several communities of concern in response to reports of Jaguar attacks on livestock and domesticated animals near their homes. The Forest Department Officers along with concerned villagers discussed and identified immediate solutions and assisted the affected farmers in improving management techniques in affected locations. All efforts by Forest Department officers and concerned villagers focused on keeping the farmers’ livestock and domesticated animals as well as Jaguars alive. The Forest Department officers emphasized and asked that residents in affected Toledo communities and elsewhere to kindly report any jaguar conflict situations or any other forest or wildlife related concerns as early as possible to the phone numbers 702-2765 or 822-2079.”