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Jaguars Emerge Victorious Against Turk and Caicos

The Belize Jaguar’s journey to Qatar 2022 continued today as they faced off against the national team of Turks and Caicos Islands. The Jaguars emerged victorious scoring a total of five seismic goals. The team’s home game was played at Panamericano Stadium in the Dominican Republic. The first goal came in at the 46th minute by Carlos Bernardez. The second goal came in at the 47th minute by youngster Jesse August and Bernardez again would score one minute later. The fourth goal came late in the game at the 81st minute by Deshawn Nembhard and the nail in the coffin came in at the 90th minute by team captain Deon McCauley. Head coach of the national team Dale Pelayo shared his sentiments on their marvelous victory in a post-game press conference held this evening.

Dale Pelayo, National Team Coach (LEFT)

Dale Pelayo, National Team Coach: “I am happy. As I said from the last game in Haiti that we’re going to rebound. I was confident in my team I know what we’re capable of doing offensively and so I promised each and everyone that Belize would have come out today and played the way how we train to play; position football, holding on to the ball, creating a lot of opportunities and that’s exactly what we did today, be patient most of all. The goals will come. Don’t let us lose focus on our objective which was to hold the ball, create opportunities. So the game went on we know the goals would have come in the game. I mentioned to the team I want to win this game, I want to go out that everybody will have an opportunity to play and so I wouldn’t have been wasting more time and wait for the game. If you give me what you have and it’s twenty minutes I will be satisfied with that and I know what we have off the bench. You look at young Jesse August coming into the game and automatically being an impact on the game. I think this team is quite put together, we have a lot of senior guys on the team but most of all our young talented guys can step up and come into the game and be an impact on the game at any moment.”

Also speaking on their triumphant win was McCauley who lamented on the team’s determination to win one this one for Belize.

Deon McCauley, Team Captain (RIGHT)

Deon McCauley, Team Captain: “Very happy with the performance tonight. Turks and Caicos really put on a little bit of a struggle in the first half as you can see it wasn’t really happening because they came out with their game plan, we came out with our game plan too and I think we executed well. Very happy with the performance over all. We have to take it one game at a time you know the country hasn’t been playing ball for a whole year and we went into that Haiti game and you know I guess it was our first match in over a year but like the coach said we stuck to our gameplay, we re-grouped the team and everybody came back for this Turks and Caicos game  and we went out there and we did a great showing and I’m very happy with the younger players they really came in and gave an instant impact into the game and that helped us a lot. So I think the team will be ready in June for that game in Nicaragua we just have to continue working and keep focus and hopefully the league starts so that players are playing and they’re in game shape.”

The team will be arriving at the Phillip Goldson International Airport tomorrow at 12:50 p.m. and will be playing Nicaragua in June in the final match of round one in the group E world cup qualifiers.