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Jaguars prepare for second leg against Canada

On Friday night, Belize’s A team,the Jaguars fell three to nil in the first leg of their world cup qualifier’s match. Today Love News stopped by and spoke to Jaguars head coach, Jorge Nunez. We asked about the strategy going into tomorrow night’s game.

Jorge Nunez – Head Coach, Jaguars

“I need the goals, I need three goals first, four to qualify. I’ve trained for this. The first game we made mistakes and got three goals put in on us. It’s going to be very hard but it’s not impossible. I am very confident in my team. When we play games the stadium is full, people support this national team, this is really important. I know that I need three or four goals but I have to win.

Ava Diaz Sosa – Love News

“You talk about the inexperienced players, do you feel that they are ready for the game?

Jorge Nunez – Head Coach, Jaguars

“Yes, mentally and physically, it is important. Some young players are really good. You can’t build experience if you don’t play.”

We also spoke with the coach of the Candian selection, Benito Floro.

Benito Floro – Head Coach, Canada

“For me Belize is a good team, it is a team that has good intention to play the ball and to make a good defense. There are three or four players with good qualities skill and so on, there is a very good goal keeper. We can realize that the coach knows how to plan the game. With that we need to consider the second game very difficult. We are not rest because we need to fight a lot.

Judy Turton – Love News

“Tell us what you’re expecting from this second game tomorrow.

Benito Floro – Head Coach, Canada

“It will be better for us to not receive a goal and if possible we could score a goal or two because that is the rule for every team. I think the value of the goal in a way but at the same time I would like both teams to play well because we don’t forget that soccer is a spectator sport and we need to offer the people a good game.”

The game will take place tomorrow night beginning at seven o’clock at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan.