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James Stalling Claims Seneca Plane

About two weeks ago we brought you an interview with Brigadier General David Jones of the Belize Defense Force where we were told that the plane that landed mysteriously at Belize City’s Municipal Airstrip in October 2015 has been claimed.  At the time of that interview, a letter of ownership had been sent to the Government of Belize stating that the plane was rented in the US and not returned.  It is uncertain what the entire process entails for the owners to get back their plane but tonight, however, we can tell you that the businessman claiming the Piper PA 34 Seneca airplane American man named James Stalling.  Stalling says he rented the plane to a man known to him as Mister Clapman who rented the plane on October 18 and was to return it by October 23.  When Clapman was contacted he said he would have returned the plane by October 25 but once again, he missed that deadline.  Since then he has not been answering calls or text messages.  The missing plane was reported to the Federal Aviation Administration and Civil Air Patrol as well as other US authorities but there were no records or flight plans for the Seneca plane.