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New Miss Universe Belize Crowned

Since nineteen seventy-five, pageantry has been a part of Belize’s history as many vied for the title of being Miss Belize Universe.  After a ten year hiatus, the pageant resumed two years ago. Last Saturday night Janelli Fraser was crowned the new Miss Belize Universe. Fraser shared with us the preparations she undertook and her experiences into the life of pageantry.

Jenelli Fraser, Miss Universe Belize: “Well I had to change how my perception to things as well as I had to be health conscious and that means I had to exercise, eat healthy I had to educate myself on issues that were happening in Belize. I had experience in modeling and I also have experience in pageantry but behind the scenes, I’ve never been on stage so this was my first time.”

She shared how challenging it was to get sponsorship to rally behind her, but also how important it was for her with the overall support she had received.

Jenelli Fraser, Miss Universe Belize: “It was very difficult I won’t lie, a lot of people that I reached out to they either did not respond or they didn’t have the finance to help but it didn’t’ stop me and the few people that were dedicated to helping me it really paid off in the end. In terms of support now Belize has been very good to me, a lot of people have been sending messages and I’m so happy and grateful for it. Maybe I haven’t responded to everyone as yet but I’ll get to it. I just want everyone to know I am very thankful and very humbled.”

Fraser also shared her thoughts on how pageantry may be perceived by many in Belize.

Jenelli Fraser, Miss Universe Belize: “A lot of people have this perception that it’s all about makeup and hair and high heels but it’s more so when you go to Miss Universe it’s all about personality and how true you are to self and how relatable you are to the world and so I want people to realize that it’s not only about physical appearance but it’s about internal beauty as well and I’m hoping they can be more accepting and recognize the hard work that everyone puts in to going into a pageant.”

Janelli also stated that it was her goal to win. Moving forward, her plans are to work hard for the upcoming pageant, Miss Universe World.