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Jarrid Usher Still Missing at Sea

The family of missing fisherman, Jarrid Usher is now offering a reward of ten thousand dollars for any information that may lead to his whereabouts. It has now been over a month since the thirty-year-old was last seen after he went out to sea. Since then, his family says that they have not received any credible information on what happened to Usher, and they are now beginning to fear the worst. Raymond Usher, Jarrid’s father, told Love News that they have since found his fishing boat fully intact, but Usher’s disappearance remains a mystery.

Raymond Usher, Father: “Over the period that we had the last discussion with the media we had been travelling from the English Caye Water Caye coming down we had gone as far as Hopkins, as far out into the cayes surrounding White Ponds area in Manatee and we have done by land, by the coast and everything even up on all the islands around that area and for about a week by now we have done that and we have been able to identify that something must have happened to have drawn him into that area and we have picked up some information which we are passing to the police as well which we suspect that there might be some consideration. But for us we have been travelling the coast and we have been doing everything possible to make sure that we have scrubbed everything and that we have not been in touch over the period of time but I am still positively hopeful because of his stamina, and his ability to survive. He’s a survivor. Even prior to this event he had caught up into a weather similar with what might have happened with this tropical wave and his boat overturned and his engine flew off and he swam nearly four miles from out to sea until he reached land and survived so he showed that his fitness, his ability to survive is there and he had bypassed that and so now at this juncture he has learned now to make that survival pitch which we are hopeful that he’s still out there and if he’s not out there he’s on land somewhere somebody who may have him in possession.”

Reporter: Has anyone come forward to say that they went with Jarid to sea? 

Raymond Usher, Father: “No not to day and that’s what we’re doing everything to scan anything that will be able to say visibly who he might have left to go with but we’re leaving that at the point we’ve unturned everything to make that possible.”

Reporter: Does that worry you ? That no one has been saying anything, does that worry the family ?

Raymond Usher, Father: “Now that worries me in truth and that’s why I’m saying I’m appealing to the general public whether it’s from down to Manatee to north , east, south and west wherever land or sea and they sea anything please reach out to us or the police.”

If you have any information that may help in locating Jarid Usher you can contact his family at 604-9840.