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Jasmine Hartin Returns to Court

Accused cop killer Jasmine Hartin returned to San Pedro’s Magistrate court this morning and appeared before Magistrate Christina Perera. The Canadian national and estranged spouse of Andrew Ashcroft, son of British Billionaire Michael Ashcroft, is facing three criminal charges- the most serious being manslaughter by negligence. She stands accused of killing Superintendent Henry Jemmott while they were on a pier in San Pedro on May 28 2021. Hartin has accepted that she killed Jemmott but says that she accidentally shot the senior cop with his own Glock 17. Hartin is also facing charges of possession of controlled drugs for the small amount of cocaine found on her person immediately after the shooting and common assault for a later incident. In court today, Hartin was accompanied by her mother, Candice Castiglione. Her attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley was absent. Nevertheless, Hartin was given partial disclosure to the substantive matter against her. Prosecutors handed over Hartin 81 pages of disclosure and in light of new evidence, additional disclosure will be provided on December 9 2021. She was given full disclosure for the common assault and drug possession and is scheduled to reappear in court on February 16 2022 for both cases. After leading the courthouse, Hartin spoke to reporters briefly.

Jasmine Hartin, Charged, Manslaughter by Negligence: “I just received disclosure and it’s been adjourned.”

Reporter: For three different charges right ? 

Jasmine Hartin, Charged, Manslaughter by Negligence: “That’s correct.”

Reporter: I think they were adjourned until later this year? At least one of them ?

Jasmine Hartin, Charged, Manslaughter by Negligence: “Yeah so later this year and early next year so but I have to speak to my lawyer first.”

Today Hartin was also accompanied by a foreign news crew.