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Jasmine Hartin Still Being Investigated

Meanwhile, the investigation against Canadian Jasmine Hartin is still ongoing. This is despite that she was released with no charges after being accused of trying to place a hit on Police Commissioner Chester Williams and Family Court Director, Magistrate Dale Cayetano. Hartin who was arrested and questioned denied the accusations, saying that the allegations were being spread by a mentally challenged man. That man is Lionel Neal who has been charged with burglary with intent to rape and using threatening words against Hartin. Today, Williams told Love News Hartin isn’t off the hook as yet. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: At this time that investigation is still ongoing we have not really closed that investigation as yet. We are still looking at certain things, certain actions of hers and I know that persons have said that they don’t think that she would do certain things but I can tell you that I personally have received text messages from her, some very disturbing text messages, this is prior to the allegation of her making threats and so every time I receive these text messages I do not answer her because I do not want to be in a back and forth with nobody. So when the information came that certain threats were made I was not surprised because I had received numerous messages from her making certain allegations and so the investigation is ongoing, we have not gathered as much as we would want to proffer charges against her but if at the end we do get the evidence to be able to levy any charges then that will be done.