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Convicted Murderer Says God Took Too Long To Answer Him

The Court of Appeal today heard the case of Jason Bruce Lawrence who was convicted of the 2009 murder of his common law wife, Mercedes Carrillo. After he was found guilty of murder, Lawrence was sentenced to life imprisonment in May of 2014. In December 2009, Lawrence stabbed his common law wife Mercedes multiple times in front of her daughter and son. Today, Lawrence’s attorney Iliana Swift appealed the life sentence, seeking that the murder charge be lessened to manslaughter. Lawrence’s attorney appeal is based on Lawrence’s psychiatric condition. His attorney says that Lawrence has had a psychiatric condition since 2005, four years prior to the murder and that he needs another evaluation. Lawrence testified in court that before he committed the crime he “spoke to god” but god didn’t answer him in time. The panel of appeal court judges adjourned the case until November 30 on the grounds that Lawrence receives a psychiatric evaluation before the next court date. Lawrence’s attorney is to provide the crown as well with a copy of the evaluation.