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Javier Canul creates his own business, ABC Life Support

In times of crises, calling to report a medical emergency and having the urgent need for an ambulance, is the number one priority for many. At times we fail to identify, or even appreciate these first responders, who arrive to our aid, providing medical assistance. For Javier Canul, he dedicated seventeen years to the pre-hospital care medical field, where he was on the scene administering help for many emergencies. In recent years, however, he has started his own service, ABC Life Support.

Javier Canul Owner of ABC Life Support: “ABC Life support is a company that was formulated by myself after years of experience working in the pre-hospital care medical field and I have observed that there are certain weaknesses in people’s performances in terms of medical personnel and there is certain weaknesses that they need to be better at and so I form this company with the objective to make sure I am here to assist anybody who want to strengthen any part of their training that they know they have a weakness so that they can provide better care for their patients.”

Canul also explained the various services he offers and the people whom ABC Life Support caters on a regular basis.

Javier Canul Owner of ABC Life Support:  “We basically do a lot of training for companies, we do things simulations in case somebody would be hurt what would staff do? Is there a protocol that exists?. We provide training for high schools, teachers, students in basic first aid and also create a simulation. We provide services such as accompaniment if there is a tourist that comes in and would like a medic to be with them if they are suffering from some sort of illness and would like a medic to accompany them should anything goes wrong. We provide that type of service; we cater toward anybody who is in the medical field or anybody, any company who would like for their staff to learn some sort of first aid training. I am strongly focusing on nurses, EMTs and any doctors who would like to strengthen any part of the weakness that they have to provide better care for their patients.”

Canul said people should learn basic first aid because it can come in handy in times of emergencies. ABC Life Support translates to Advance Basic First Aid Cardiac Rhythms.