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Jayear Flores walks free from double murder

21-year-old, Jayear Flores of a Curassow Street address in Belize City, was freed by the court today.  His trial in the Supreme Court started today after he was charged with the double murder of 7-year-old, Tyler Savery and Porshan Pipersburgh.  The trial was short-lived when Justice Colin Williams refused to accept the dock identification given by the first witness.  According to Justice Williams, the testimony was not being accepted since in the initial statement by the witness to the police, his description was not clear.  Due to the rejection of the dock identification, Crown Counsel Porsha Staine Ferguson was forced to make a no-case submission, causing Flores to be freed of the murder charges.  The first witness called to testify had told the court that he was held up at gunpoint by three men, taken to his father’s house where the men went looking for a gun and then robbed of his vehicle.  The vehicle, was allegedly the one used in the double murder on November 14, 2016.  The two victims were on Daly Street, enroute to Moonclusters Coffee House when they were shot.