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Jayelle Williams: first born baby of 2019

The traditional welcoming of the first-born baby took place at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City.  A brief introduction of the little girl and her mother was done this morning as they both received gifts and tokens.  The baby was born at six pounds, four ounces via a normal delivery and was born to 28-year-old, Clarissa Williams.  According to Williams the baby came unexpectedly as her due date was January 12.

Clarissa Williams – Mother: “I called my sisters and I told them what happened and they said that my water bag had burst so they would come for me and carry me to the hospital and I reached the hospital like 8 o’clock that night and from the time I reached here I was in pain like the baby wanted to come out as soon I reached the hospital.  I was in pain from 8 until I think it was 12 on the dot. Every time the nurse come and check on me she told me by how much centimeters I was dilated and so she said that this baby will come on New Years day. You will have your ten centimeters when the clock strikes 12 and so said so done when the clock strike 12 I reached my 10 centimeters and they took me into the delivery room to have my baby. I am just happy and thankful that my baby is alive and well, healthy and she is blessed.”

The birth of baby Jayelle Amaya Williams marks the first birth for the entire country of Belize.  Public Relations Manager for KHMH, Tylon Tillett, led the media in the celebration.

Tylon Tillett – Public Relations Manager at KHMH: “KHMH has been blessed to have the first baby born in the new year. Not only in the KHMH we are celebrating but countrywide for the birth of the baby from a mother by the name of Clarissa Williams. She had a baby girl at 12:51 and we have the second born which is a male born to Miss Azocena Cal and both babies weighed in at six pounds four ounces. The KHMH is always proud to celebrate the moments of healthy babies being born by normal delivery. We call the socially responsible partners like Brodies, Mcmillan Brothers, Price Premier Products, Seven Seas, SanCas and Grace Kennedy; these companies religiously donate to the new year’s baby to make sure that the mother is healthy. Going forward the Hospital promotes exclusive breastfeeding, these companies provide hampers with baby products and nutritional products to ensure that the mother has the right amount of nutrition going forward into the Breastfeeding Program that we promote.”

Baby Jayelle is Williams’ first born.