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Jealous boyfriend reportedly sets woman's home on fire

A fire last night in Lord’s Bank Village, Belize District has left a woman displaced and in need of help.  Kimberly Betancourt, the owner of the home, was reportedly not at home when her estranged boyfriend allegedly lit her wooden house on fire. Betancourt’s neighbor, Bert Ramos, told us that there are reports the boyfriend did it out of jealousy.
Bert Ramos, Neighbor: I had just come from Belize City a little after eight last night and while I was eating, you know you like to leave that Sunday dinner for the night, so while I was eating inside the house just got cloudy and I smelled the smoke and when I ran outside I saw the fire and then I realized that the house was on fire. From what we heard around that it’s jealousy. Her boyfriend that she lives with apparently he is kinda jealous because of someone who she gives lodging to, a really old man, a man I would say to be in his eighties or nineties. I think this man is a foreigner that is in need of a little help and the young lady gave him a little lodging in the room, it’s a really old man. According to what I understand that caused the whole mishap. From what I heard from the young lady he came earlier in the day, wet the house and even threw kerosene on the man and so they called and reported it to the police, the police came earlier around 2pm and did a little check around and didn’t see the man; they came and went about three times and didn’t find him until in the night until the guy came and lit the place on fire. From what I saw it was like he lived here with her but apparently she told me that she drove him away because he had hit her and she told him that he needed to leave. She was living here for quite some years now, I live here about eight years now and when I came to this location the young lady was already here already. The response from the fire department was really quick and they did a very good job because if you notice the veranda at the back had caught fire it would have gone onto my house.”
According to the police, the cause of the fire has yet to be established.