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Jealous ex-lover kills woman and injures her cousin

A bloodbath is how the family of 41-year-old, Geraldine Flowers described the scene of her murder. Flowers, who had been in an abusive relationship for two years, had finally decided to get out when her estranged lover,  38-year-old, Rodwell Arzu reportedly broke into her house on Isadora Street, Dangriga Town and shot her in the upper back. Arzu did not stop there, as he also then reportedly attacked Flowers’ cousin, 36-year-old, Samuel Reid, who was staying with her at the time. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette, gave us more details from the police’s side.

A.C.P. Joseph Myvett: “Yesterday morning shortly before 6 am Dangriga Police were called to an area in the New Site at the home of one Geraldine Flowers where upon arrival the police observed her to be motionless inside of her bedroom and also in the home was one Samuel Reed who at the time was unconscious. He was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital and he appears to have had both stab wounds and gunshot injuries. The body of Geraldine Flowers also appears to have had gunshot injuries. So far the police are seeking one suspect in connection with this investigation.”

This is not the first time Arzu had attacked Flowers, however. According to her family, he had been terrorizing her for some time. At one point, he had reportedly chased her and her son around Independence Village with a gun, and she found herself in a drain behind a school calling for police. Another incident saw him breaking into her house and holding a knife at her throat. Her sister, Desiree Jones, said that she had filed several reports to the police, but did not follow through with them.

Desiree Jones: “My sister was in an abusive relationship for quite some time, she tried to come out but thinking about her situation brought me back to a poem called “ I got flowers today”. Every day you go back, you get flowers, you sweet up and then the situation repeats itself. It is like the same script different cast and eventually he killed her. She tried her best to get out of it and just when she decided enough was enough and that she was not going to take him back he decided that if I can’t have you no one else will. What makes me so angry is the fact that he was living with someone else. He had already moved on with his life so that makes him a coward trying to control a situation but knowing the woman my sister was, she was a strong independent woman. She was not that woman to  sit around and say if he leaves me what will I do? She got up and worked hard for her two kids. When I went in the room I still found two expended shells and the way I look at it is the minute he entered that room and faced my sister because there was never a struggle between him and my sister. Normally the minute he comes and attack my sister she fought back, she is a lion, she fought back so that day he knew that he was going to end her life without a fight.”

Flowers had moved to Dangriga after her sister asked her assistance in caring for a family that lives in the Town. That was when Flowers fell in love with caregiving as her career. Her daughter, Kenisha Jones, said that it will be tough now that she and her brother have lost both of their parents.

Kenisha Jones: “It is difficult because we don’t have any to look after us,  when we wake up in the morning there is no one to text you and tell you I love you. I don’t believe she is dead even though she is dead. I don’t know why he did it but we all know it is jealousy. He does not realize that he took away my from us and we needed her the most in our lives because we had already lost our dad four years ago and now my mom is gone. I only have aunts left as a mother and father figure. He hurt innocent people because of his anger and jealousy of someone that he left. He left my mom, he took all his clothes and things, went to the next lady and told my mom that he did not want her. Then he kept coming around my mom threatening her, not wanting her to have anyone while he has someone else.”

According to Jones, their cousin, Reid, had been staying with Flowers because he was attending a funeral in Dangriga. He had been shot as well as stabbed, but is now listed in a stable condition./////////