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Jenny Lee Cruz is the 73rd Queen of the Bay

Miss Belmopan, Jenny Lee Cruz walked away with the title of Queen of the Bay last Friday night. Cruz beat out the competition to become the seventy-third Queen of the Bay, a title she will officially take up on September 10th when she receives the crown from the reigning Queen of the Bay, Aaliyah Ysaguirre. The six young ladies competed in several segments including introduction, talent, formal wear and questions and answers.  Today we spoke with Cruz who said it is her desire to be a role model to other young persons.

NEW QUEEN OF THE BAY Jenny Lee Cruz: “Well I want to be an example to not only young girls but to also young men in our country. I am planning on having a singing program here in the Civic Center in Belmopan and I also want to visit the hospitals and different schools and encourage them and to use my platform to touch other lives here in Belize.”

First runner-up was Neisha Bailey of Belize City and second runner-up was Carolyn Jang of Stann Creek. It has been eleven years since Belmopan won the Queen of the Bay.