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Jermaine Flores found dead in Franks Eddy Village

The normal work day had not even begun when reports of a dead body began surfacing out of rural Cayo.  With the reports came the gruesome image of a man’s fully clothed body lying in a pool of blood, faced down in the bushes.  A few hours later, the man was identified as 44-year-old, Jermaine Baltazar Flores, also known as Namo.  Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz followed the story and filed this report.

Fem Cruz: “Belmopan Police continued to investigate the gruesome murder of a dark skin male person whose body was found sometime after 6 o’clock this morning with what appears to be a hole on top of the head apparently caused by a gunshot. According to residents in the area, they believe that the body was dumped sometime last night in this area on Franks Eddy Road.”

A resident of Franks Eddy Road: “Yes all I saw at 6:10 was the dead body on the left side of the road. I was heading to work and just called the police, the police reached there and some people stopped me to tell me about the murder but then I was heading to work to Belize City so I just called the police and that is it.”

Fem Cruz: “Mr. Romero when you reached there and saw tell us the injuries you saw to the head of this person?”

A resident of Franks Eddy Road: “Just some gunshots to his head back, body and back, about four shots.”

Fem Cruz: “And did you hear anything? Maybe the neighbor said last night that they heard any noise or anything like that.”

A resident of Franks Eddy Road: “Well, some people said that they heard some noise, some gunshots but we don’t  really know what happened.”

Fem Cruz: “You often travel to this area?”

A resident of Franks Eddy Road: “Every day we travel the area, we work there so from six to five. It is the first time we saw this thing on the roadside.”

Fem Cruz: “You mentioned earlier that there was a robbery in this said area?”

A resident of Franks Eddy Road: “Yes, there was robbery last week, they robbed one of the busitos them, that was Saturday. 

Fem Cruz: “This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent.

According to investigators, Baltazar received a gunshot to the head.