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Jessie Escobar’s Wife Seeks Legal Compensation for his Death

Turning now to other news: Jessie Escobar’s common-law wife and his daughter are seeking compensation from the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security following the soldier’s demise on Sunday. Janine Pott has retained the legal services of former Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who has written to the ministry asking for quarter of a million dollars. Correspondents Eliu Yacab and Elaine Berry visited Pott today and spoke with her about it.

Janine Pott, Jessie Escobar’s Common-Law-Wife: “I am doing this because I have to secure a future for my baby which she has only three years old and he was the only bread winner of the family. I have to look forward to my daughter and me because I am not working. I only dependent on Jessie and he’s not here now with me and his daughter. He was the breadwinner of the family so I’m just I have to secure the future of my daughter. I’m not satisfied as yet until that person is convicted to murder and in a way it makes me feel better although that will not bring back my baby’s daddy but I hope he’s convicted to murder.”

Barrow said in his letter that the Minister and the Government will quote “…want to make as much amends as possible to Janine and Jesslyn for the fatal wrong done by Private Valencio. While nothing can compensate for the loss of their husband and father, at the very least, GOB should be willing to confer a financial statement upon Janine and Jesslyn for deprivation of their only means of support.” End quote. The letter says that the sum considers various factors, including Escobar’s age, that of Pott and their daughter and the trauma they’ve suffered having witnessed the horrific shooting. So far, neither the Ministry nor the Government has responded to the letter.