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John Bennett dies in motorcycle accident, school mourns loss

The second incident happened on Sunday, March 10, on the George Price Highway. In that incident the driver of a motorcycle, 38-year-old, John Bennett was killed. (FATAL RTA GPH VO) Police say it happened between miles six and seven shortly after five o’clock in the afternoon when Bennett was reportedly traveling towards Belize City and attempted to overtake a vehicle. He came into the lane of another oncoming vehicle that was heading towards Belmopan. Police say Bennett sustained severe injuries to his body and died instantly. Bennett was employed at Nazarene High School in Belize City and from what we learned today, his unfortunate passing has left a void at the institution. We spoke with members of the high school staff who hold Bennett in high esteem. It has been such a blow that the school administration assisted the staff and students with counseling sessions all day today.

Kimberly Myers Teacher Nazarene High School: “He was very caring and sharing. He would give you things and not expect anything in return. When I am here working late at night he would come and check on me and say Ms. Myers do you need anything. Sometimes he would come and bring me food that I didn’t ask for and don’t try to pay him back because he is not going to take any payment from you. He was just that type of person. Loving and humble to everyone.”

Dalila Ical: “A very big loss. Definitely a huge loss for Nazarene High School.”

Kimberly Myers Teacher Nazarene High School: “We will truly miss him.”

Jenica Shankar School Counselor, Nazarene High School: “It is really hard because he literally does everything. He does from security to maintenance, to in the kitchen, to mentoring the kids, to punishing the kids sometimes. He literally does everything. He would build something and for my office I recently asked him to build a little table for me. He fellowships with the men at the church at our school. The memory of Mr. John with his humility and his helpfulness is… I am out for words. He is one of those people that everybody loves, like he just has a big big heart and when he does something he is not looking to see if anybody is giving him a thank you for it or if anybody is applauding him. He just does it with a beautiful heart. He is man of integrity. He is an excellent worker.”

Elsa Seguro Principal Nazarene High School: “He worked as our maintenance and security officer. He cannot be replaced. Mr. Bennet was our handy man. He was here for us for everything: He did plumbing, he did electrical, woodwork, painting, he even helped to supervise the students when they would be on suspension and so on. He was a very humble worker. He worked with passion and he was well loved by everyone and well respected.”

Dalila Ical: “Nazarene High School has a black bow at the entrance. The school flag was flown at half mast today. Thirty eight year old John Bennett may not have been a local celebrity but he was well known and loved here. In the almost four years that he was employed at the school he nurtured a close relationship with everyone.”

Elsa Seguro Principal Nazarene High School: “He not only worked here on the compound but if he had anything to do at our individual homes John would be the first person that we would call. He would always be willing to go and get everything done. I often joke and say well if you tell John to do something you better mean that is what you want him to do because within and hour or so it would be done, you cannot change your mind and so he really did a good job here and right now we are still shocked.”

Jenica Shankar School Counselor, Nazarene High School: The teachers have had a really hard time. We had a group session from this morning that was very therapeutic. We have been doing that, we have also had some individual one on one with the students as well and also group session in the classes.”

Dalila Ical: “The school staff and students received the counseling from a Nazarene Missionary. His colleagues say Bennet is highly esteemed and will be deeply missed.”

Elsa Seguro Principal Nazarene High School: “For me to replace him I would need to get about ten men to do what John was doing here so it is a great loss to the school.”

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The driver of the vehicle, Anthony Grant,  has been served with a notice of intended prosecution and police say they have also take a blood sample from him.