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John Briceno comments on the Vega Family & the UDP

Yesterday we told you about the letter that attorneys for Amy Forte wrote to Prime Minister Dean Barrow who is also the Substantive Minister of Natural Resources. In that letter Forte’s attorneys state that their client did not receive any title to the piece of land and did not execute a Deed of Conveyance between herself and Andre Vega, son of former UDP Minister Gaspar Vega. Forte’s name appears on land documents but she believes that her signature was forged. She says media reports have implicated her as being involved in a quote, “land hustle scheme with certain members of the family of Former Minister of Lands, Mr. Gaspar Vega.” End of quote. This she says has caused quote, “extreme embarrassment, loss of personal and professional reputation, emotional distress, brought into question her integrity and threatens to jeopardize her career.” End of quote. She has requested that PM Barrow look into the matter and publicly clear her name. The People’s United Party is using this latest revelation to remind the Prime Minister that they told him so. Leader of the Opposition John Briceno hosted a press briefing at the PUP’s headquarters where he bashed Gaspar Vega, his family and the UDP.


John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition

““Now this Mosquito Caye land swap is an obscene UDP scam designed to reward the Vegas with their own private island located right next to Leonardo De Caprio’s Blackadore Caye. Here is what was corruptly and criminally done. First Government of Belize compensated a company called Aquarius Limited for a portion of land Aquarius Limited acquired privately. This very same private land that they knew did not belong to the Government was then transferred to Darrell Henry and Amy Forte which according to the documents were sold for $2,500.00 each. The n according to the record Henry and Forte supposedly turned around and sold their parcels of land to Andre Vega and Eduardo Vega in separate transactions. Lo and behold the lands that were sold to Andre Vega and Eduardo Vega were once again discovered to be private and so for the second time the Government had to compensate individuals for the same land. That is the same land for which compensation has been paid to Aquarius Limited but it was not ordinary people involved this time so the compensation had to be different. What was the compensation this time around? The compensation was Mosquito Caye located right next to De Caprio’s Caye and which at today’s market price could fetch around five million US dollars. As the Belizean people know, this is not an isolated incident. This is a scheme by those UDP Ministers to enrich themselves and their families. Belizeans enough is enough, it is time for the Prime Minister to take action.”

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