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John Saldivar regains Police portfolio

At yesterday’s press conference Prime Minister Barrow was asked about his decision to bring back John Saldivar as Minister of National Security. Saldivar had been removed as the Minister with responsibility for Police following the Danny Mason saga.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

The sort of effort at guilt by association that arose with respect to Minister Saldivar in the context of the Mason case, I think has been spent in consequence of the effluxion of time; hard though people dug hard, though they tried, there has emerged absolutely no evidence of any kind of relationship that was improper between Minister Saldivar and the now infamous or notorious Mr. Mason. In politics, perception is reality and at that time when these accusations were flying thick and fast it struck me that the proper thing to do was not to have Minister Saldivar continue as Minister of Police in the circumstances. There had been talk of an investigation, certainly an investigation which would have been more of a political investigation than a criminal investigation, in any event the criminal investigation had to proceed and in my view Minister John at that time as head of the police was put in an untenable situation. Mr. Mason has long since been charged, others have been charged along with him, they are safely behind bars, the Director Of Public Prosecutions from what I gather has proceeded in constructing her case based on as I hear it an excellent investigative job done by the police department- so except for trial that matter is over. In the meantime Minister Saldivar who continued as the Minister of Defense has in my view done an excellent job.”


A number of organizations had called for Saldivar’s removal.