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John Saldivar Says PM Briceno’s Comments on Dr. Manza were Arrogant

On Monday, the United Democratic Party criticised Prime Minister John Briceno for comments he made concerning the decision by the Government of Belize to divide the responsibilities of the Director of Health Services. Legislation was presented on Tuesday, which effectively splits it into two new posts: a Director of Public Health and Wellness and a Director of Hospital Services. When asked by the media on Monday about whether this is the Briceno government’s way of sidelining Doctor Marvin Manzanero, the Prime Minister said quote “I’m sorry but Doctor Manza is not that important.” Joining the UDP in their criticisms is former Minister of National Security John Saldivar. Not only did he call the Prime Minister’s comments disrespectful and unacceptable, he wrote on Facebook this morning saying quote “We cannot go on like this. There must be a PUP within that Cabinet with a modicum of honor and self-respect to decry and denounce this arrogance. Dr. Manzanero is a career public officer who did his job and did it well. He does not deserve this show of public disdain and disrespect by the man who occupies the highest office in the land.” He goes on to say quote “Those in the medical community who stand by and watch their colleague being publicly lynched and vilified by the Prime Minister and say nothing are a disgrace to their profession and fraternity. This cannot be right. He adds quote “It is the PUP who have failed, not Dr. Manzanero. We must as a people condemn the behavior of the Prime Minister. We must protest his arrogance in the strongest possible terms. He is either arrogant or mentally unstable, or both. This is unacceptable.” End quote.