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John Saldivar: the next President of the FFB must bring Unity

Last week, the Acting President of the FFB, Marlon Kuylen issued a nine-page statement, making several allegations against members of the executive and detailing his experience as the Acting President. Kuylen’s salacious statement came a month away from the FFB Election scheduled for December 2. The post of president and vice president will be up for grabs. Sergio Chuc, Daniel Fabro, Onan Maclean and Ruperto Vicente will contest the post of President while Leslie Sharp, David Griffith, Carlos Galvez and Cruz Gamez will contest the post of Vice President. According to Defence Minister and Owner of the Belmopan Bandits, John Saldivar, the next President of the FFB must be able to unite the football family, something which he says Vicente has failed to do. In a series of Facebook posts, Minister Saldivar shares his views on the candidates and the upcoming elections. In one of his posts, Saldivar states quote, “when President Vicente failed to get a majority vote after 20 plus tries, I came to the conclusion that Vicente could not unite the football family in spite of all the resources at his disposal at the FFB. I firmly believe that my good friend should find another way to contribute to football. Also, while I cannot say for sure that Vicente was behind the unwise attempt to disqualify Sergio Chuc, his functionaries were too close to this undemocratic move. The ghost of Bertie Chimilio still haunts me.” End of quote. Saldivar also claims that there is a move to disqualify Daniel Fabro. In another Facebook post, Minister Saldivar claims that quote, “There is a general feeling that a major motive for wanting to be President is to get after the almost two million dollars that FIFA provides to the FFB each year. The only person who cannot credibly promise honesty and integrity is one who has been proven to be dishonest.” End of quote. Saldivar goes on to say that the FFB President must be able to build relationships with representatives of FIFA, CONCACAF, and UNCAF. In this regards, he says, that Vicente and Chuc would rank highest with McClean and Fabro not scoring too well. However, Saldivar says that a PLB meeting on November 18 might determine the results of the election. All we can do is to wait and see.