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John Zabaneh – His Role with Meridian Enterprises

So, just what is John Zabaneh’s role at Meridian Enterprises?  We asked Director Gonzalez to explain.


“Mr. John Zabaneh is the spokesperson for his mother who is the true owner of the assets and land. His involvement is limited to the things that are not in my contract scope or mandate and they can be cataloged into one group which is capital investments. Whenever we have the need to invest in big infrastructure repairs, enhancements or if the land needs to be altered in terms of expansion: deep drains, felling of trees etc. we must go back to the table with the land owner or the asset owner to get the blessings before we proceed. John Zabaneh does not partake in the day to day operations, he does not go into the package sheds and we have ample individuals who can attest to that. Both Fyffes as well as the BGA have a number of people patrolling the packing sheds making sure the quality is there and they have never ran into Mr. John Zabaneh giving orders or anything like that. He has other assets and investments in the area so he takes care of those but in terms of banana production he does not get involved with the day to day operations.”