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Johnston Ou is the new BCA Chairman

During the celebrations, the Belize Chinese Association held elections for a new chairman. Edmund Kwan had held the post for four terms and the proprietor of the Corner Café at the Pound Yard Bridge, Johnston Ou was elected as the new chairman. Ou says that anyone needing assistance can find him right at the Pound Yard in Belize City and welcomes the challenges facing the growing Asian community.

Edmund Kwan Belize Chinese Association Chairman: “We had a new nominee, newly elected Chairman Mr. Johnson Ou.”

Johnson Ou: “Okay my name is Johnson Ou I am the new Chairman for BCA. I have been here about 30 years. I have lived in Belize for 30 years and I am glad to be the new Chairman and first of all I would like to thank our Honorable Chairman Lee Mark Chang and Honorable Chairman Edmund Kwan. I am so lucky that they have done most of the hard work. I will pretty much just enjoy it now but still yet I will try my best to take the BCA to a higher level. BCA acts as a bridge to get the Chinese and the locals to act well together. I will continue to do better so everybody can get along better.”

Jose Sanchez:” Okay we had this unfortunate tragedy incident with the Japanese family the Yaanai Family do you have any comments on that?”

Johnson Ou: “BCA is condemned to all criminal activities and we give our condolence to the Takia families. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody Chinese New Years.”

Johnston Ou has been in Belize for 30 years and says he probably eats more rice and beans than born Belizeans.