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Jorge Espat not a registered voter

There is some irony to report tonight out of the Cayo West division.  The PUP Standard Bearer Jorge Espat who has been pushing for new registrations and divisional transfers over the last few months somehow found himself excluded from the voters’ list.  Espat confirmed today that he got held up with re-registration and potential voters in his constituency and forgot to include himself.

Jorge Espat, PUP Standard Bearer, Cayo West:  “I am a registered voter on the old registration list. Unfortunately because of the whole work that I am trying to do and assisting my residents and constituents in the Cayo West doing the transfers and the registration unfortunately I was unable to do it. It slipped me but at the end of the day under the constitution Section 57 I mean I still qualify and at the end of the day I can register. The intention was there. The intention was there but with the overwork I mean I was assisting my constituents to make sure the transfer period and the registration be fulfilled and that is my obligation as a candidate to make sure that I put in as much people as I can.”

Reporter: With the re-registration process a lot of politicians were taking their people to re-register, how can you forget yourself? 

Jorge Espat, PUP Standard Bearer, Cayo West: “As I said I was busy and that’s all I can say. Yes, you all know that I am not registered.”

Luckily for Espat, under the constitution that does not affect his candidacy in any way.