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Jose Espat Says a Recording Sheds New Light into Mark Pollard’s Disappearance

Today, Jose Espat, an activist who has taken up the lead in the searches for several missing persons told the media that he has a strong lead that can shed light into the disappearance of Mark Pollard. The public may recall that 49-year-old Mark Pollard went missing in early July of last year when he left his house for a morning run in Belize City and never returned. His friends conducted extensive searches for him but were unsuccessful. Well, this afternoon Espat says he has come across a recording that he believes can lead police to a breakthrough in the case. While Espat would not speak about the contents of that recording, he told the media how he came across it.


“This recording is a recording of a call sent to one of Mr. Pollards family members I don’t want to give details. This was gotten through a recording app that you can place on your phone that records all incoming and outgoing calls even if it goes to voice mail, Even if it’s just a message left; it records everything and saves it to the phone. Now I have handed that over to the police and it is all up to the Police now to make the arrest because I believe and I have spoken to Mr. Williams and also Mr. Kawai. I believe that will be done some time tomorrow at this point they have to do their thorough, thorough investigation and question these people.”

Espat says he has also given police additional information surrounding Pollard’s case. He added that if police fail to act upon these, he will publicize the recording through the media. He also said that the recipient of the call that was recorded is presently in fear for his safety and that the police have been informed as well. Espat says he forwarded the recordings to ASP Alejandro Cowo this morning.  We are reliably informed that the police have indeed received a copy of the recording.