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Jose Lara found dead after drowning in Corozal Town

47-year-old Ranchito villager, Jose Lara, left his home to visit Corozal Town yesterday, but never returned. Surveillance footage showed him near a restaurant around 5 p.m. that evening, but his whereabouts after were unknown. Later in the night, his neighbor found his bicycle near the seaside at South End. His family immediately filed a police report and then began scouring the area for him, but to no avail. It was not until this morning, sometime after 5 a.m., that Lara’s body was found floating near Corozo Blues. Even though his body was found with only his underwear on, and with scratches to the face and chest, Lara’s family does not suspect foul play. Love News spoke to his older brother, Raul Lara Sr., earlier today to find out more.

Raul Lara Sr. – Brother of Deceased: “He left home at 12, 12:30, went to Corozal and he did not come back until late in the night when a friend saw his bicycle by the seawall by the entrance of Corozal and he recognized his bicycle, he saw his tools and everything on his bicycle and he was trying to call him. They were yelling for him and no answer, he then took the bicycle and brought it home, that is when he noticed that he was missing so my other two brothers went to search for him. They went to the clinic, went to the police station and no results. They found him this morning at 5:50, my two brothers, they got up and went to the scene by sea to see if they can find him and one of them saw him by the sea. In accordance with the autopsy and according to the doctor it says that he was drowned. That is what they certified, that he drowned.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter: “ Do you suspect foul play?

Raul Lara Sr. – Brother of Deceased: “We don’t believe that I think he drowned. Well, what we think is that the sea was rough and there was a lot of rocks by the seaside, he was right beside a rock and the waves hit the rock and that is why he had the bruises and scrapes to the body. Everytime he goes to town because he rides like maybe two miles from where he lives to town he always take a break there by the seawall to relax and then go ahead to town, when he is coming back he always do the same thing so I don’t know what really happened if he fell, we really don’t know. He was a handyman, he could do any job that they wanted to do: wiring, mechanic, cement work, building houses. Whatever you asked him to do he was always willing to help and stuff like that.”

Jose Lara had 2 children, ages 13 and 11.