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Jose Mai ordered to pay over $200,000

The court has ordered Jose Mai, the PUP Orange Walk South Area Representative, to pay over two hundred thousand dollars in damages for causing the unlawful death of Julia Arana. Sheena Pitts, the attorney for Edgar Nissani Arana, the Administrator of the Estate of Julia Arana, spoke to the media about the outcome of the case.

Sheena Pitts Attorney: “The court found Abelardo Mai fully responsible 100% liable. The court also found that as a result of the injuries sustained that is what caused her to die so he did not only knock her down and cause her severe head body injuries, he also caused her death from those injuries and the court pointed out and we are forever grateful for the assistance of Dr. Sanchez. The only reason why the deceased died is because she suffered those injuries and so we are grateful to Dr. Sanchez for that. The other part of the case which we are taking instructions, we are still taking instructions is on quantum. The court awarded the claim of $175,000 for general damage; that is pain and suffering and loss of amenities. The court also made awards in relation to gratuitous care, loss of earnings and special damages, also loss of expectation of life and also what we are pleased with is that this case sets precedent for here after in Belize in that to put it in common terms it cannot be cheaper to kill than to injure. Before this case the conventional award for loss of life was $3500. It’s about between 220 to $230,000 with interest so intrest is included.”

Pitts said that the court took into consideration the kind of injuries sustained by the deceased in arriving at the sum awarded.

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