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Joseph Carr Monthly Road Races

For the first time the PROTO Foundation is embarking on a monthly road race to embrace and encourage runners.  The first race starts this weekend and has been dubbed the Joseph Carr Monthly Road Race. Each month’s race will be in honor of an athlete who will be recognized and remembered.  Mark Usher, one of the organizers, told Love News that through this initiative they hope to restore track and field to its “days of glory.

Mark Usher President PROTO Foundation: “This road race will take part in Belize City and we have four or five categories. We have a half marathon that goes around Marine Parade, goes across the bridge, goes around Ceaser Ridge, come up the Boulevard and then come right around the city and it ends at BTL Park. Then we have a 5k race for the bigger kids, we are talking like 13, 14 , 15 and their race will go a little bit further, you go around Marine Parade and you go way up to the Fort and then you come back and then we have a 10k for what we class as the Jr. A kids that is the 18-19. Our races are male and female and we are providing the same prizes for both male and females, in the case of the half marathon it will be a cash prize so it’s a very competitive race.”

The race will commence on Sunday, November 4 at 7:00 a.m. from the BTL Park.