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Joseph Vaccaro Drowns Weeks Before Graduation

The family of 16-year-old, Joseph Vaccaro was preparing for his graduation day however this weekend, the teenager died as a result of a drowning incident. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.


“A family outing this weekend in the Belize River mouth fall area of Roaring Creek Village turned out deadly for a 16 year old student of Edward P Yorke High School  in Belize City. Love News understands that the 16 year old Joseph Vacario, better known as Jo Jo, was along with his mom spending the weekend with family members in the village of Roaring Creek. While enjoying himself swimming he suddenly disappeared. Tricia Banner the mother of the deceased shared with us her loss.”


“I came here to spend some time with my mom, my dad and family members. We all went to the creek on Sunday. We left from my mom’s house at around 2pm to swim at the falls. We were having fun and a good time and the kids were playing and enjoying ourselves and then we decided to go up. When we decided to go up we did a check in and realized that Joseph wasn’t there. So Joseph’s dad**, Robert, and his cousin Junior came up to see if he was home here but when they came here they told me he was not here. I came to check for myself so I started to run and when I got here and came up here Joe was not here. I sent them to their aunt’s house to check there and he was not there. I went down back to the creek and checked. When we went down and they searched for him in the bushes and in the water. Now this Spanish looking guy ask my brother in law what we were doing here and he told us to stop joking. The guy came down to help with the search and he said he felt something in the water, but we had already searched there and saw a bit of cloth but we thought it was a piece of old cloth in the water. My brother in law put his foot down there and when he jumped down to check they noticed that it was a body, when they pulled out the body it was my son. They found him and put him in the sand and we started CPR and him to try reviving him, he was responding a little. I put my head on his chest and heard his heartbeat not knowing that I would hear my son’s last heartbeat. I begged him to get up and he squeezed my hand and that was the last time he squeezed my hand.”

The 16-year-old was slated to graduate from EP Yorke High School in June.