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Joss Stone give gifts and performs for Belize

Joss Stone, the British singer rose to fame in late 2003 with her multi-platinum debut album, The Soul Sessions.   Her second album, Mind Body & Soul topped the UK Albums Chart for one week and spawned the top ten hit “You Had Me”, Stone’s most successful single. She is in Belize for a concert that takes place tonight. We caught up with her at the Mesopotamia Resource Center in Belize City where she was giving out gifts to neighborhood kids along with Shyne Barrow.

Grammy Award Singer Joss Stone: “As a musician why wouldn’t you want spread your music as far as possible but you know the reason is it cost a lot and it’s all about money. There is only maybe 40 countries in the world that would pay to play, that can, that live in that type of luxury where they can pay $100,000 to massive artists to come from across the world to come and play. There is not many countries that can afford that so you just have to go so we go, just me and one guitar so today there will be a guy called Leon, he is coming with me, sometimes its my friend Selene, sometimes its my friend Steve and we just play and it’s nice. We play whatever the people want to hear. I play my songs and if I see people are a little bit bored maybe I’ll play something I think they might know like “ Natural Woman” or “ Preacher Man” or something and then I just see so I have been learning this song this morning and we found a place where we are going to do it, right by the Belize sign so we are just going to sit there and I am going to try my best to sing the right language and the right stuff in the melody and that’s what I try and do.* sings Landini *. Music can do a few things, like it can educate, it can spread the word, it can also spread a feeling of unity. It can bring peace but to make proper change you have to get involved in politics because guess what they run the place so you have to so people like Shyne and Aurelio, they are musicians with that heart but they do have to get involved in that silliness, you have to otherwise nothing is going to actually change.

The Music Ambassador and heir to the UDP Mesopotamia division, Shyne Barrow made the visit to Belize Possible.

Shyne Barrow Music Ambassador: “Initially I had gone to Ms. Laurene Burgess who deals with the women’s group and I offered her to them because I wasn’t even thinking that I was going to use Joss Stone to come and give out toys to my community because the toys alone is commanding I don’t need to buchess it with the Grammy Award Winning Singer. Ms. Burgess was doing something that she couldn’t do and then I went to the Youth Apprenticeship Diane Finnegan the standard bearer from Lake I, nothing to do with that she is my aunt but the Youth Apprenticeship Program is a program that I have been supporting for the past ten years. There was scheduling conflicts there and based on Joss’s schedule I was the only one available at 10 AM. It was just the way the universe orchestrated it so she willingly and warmingly has accompanied me to giving out the toys as well as Cocono Bwai, one of our best Belizean performers. Big up Positives Vibes, I invited Positive Vibes because me and he dah bally now but he is going to sell his thing on Albert St. and I told them this would be a good marketing opportunity to tell the people about his Christmas Album so everybody out there make sure you buy Positive Vibes Christmas Album. It will on Albert’s today and tomorrow. I believe the universe gives you what you prepare for and I think I am always giving through the Office of the Music Ambassador heaven knows. I hope the universe hears my plea for that because it $250,000 a year but just good fortune. I can’t say that I am any mastermind or any genius that wove it all together, just fortunate. She was on her world tour and she wanted to come to Belize and I facilitated along with the good people at APEX Mr. Chad Eckert and his wife and we made it happen.