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Josue Carballo surprised about colleague’s bid for Orange Walk East

The People’s United Party will be holding a convention in Orange Walk East in June. While the party has endorsed numerous candidates for the upcoming general elections in 2020, the party has opted to have East residents chose the best man of two candidates – the current Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard and re-elected Councilor, Josue Carballo. Bernard made his bid public some days ago and spoke with us last week about his decision. Meanwhile, Carballo who is running his fourth term as a counselor at the Orange Walk Town Hall, where he has also served as Deputy Mayor, is the current standard bearer in the constituency since 2015. While Carballo lost to the UDP’s Elodio Aragon Jr. in that year’s general elections, he remained active in the area. Today, he told love news that he was surprised to learn of his colleague’s bid for the constituency he hopes to represent.

Josue Carballo, Orange Walk East Standard Bearer, PUP: “My intentions and my actions to work for the party in Orange Walk East has never stopped. From I took over the standard bearer position in 2015 since then the work has been continuous even after the general elections. We have a very active executive and as a political leader our work has been ongoing to revive and strengthen and to bounce back so that our party had become even stronger in the area.”

Reporter: But this time around you have someone else placing their bid and we’re talking about as far as I’m concerned a very close colleague of yours and friend.

Josue Carballo, Orange Walk East Standard Bearer, PUP: “Well to be frank to me and the area it was a surprise. We have been a very active group like I’m telling you and we just went through in a united stance we went and won this municipal elections by astounding numbers so the challenge has been a surprise however we are ready. As it is right now I have the majority of the campaign team that helped us to win that municipality working together on my team and likewise the full endorsement and endorsement in the form of a letter from the current East Executive in it’s majority; the overwhelming majority of the current elected village council representatives in the area and as such I am sure that those endorsements would turn into support come to the June 10th convention.”

Reporter: You said it was a surprise, was it an unpleasant one? Does it change anything between you and Mr.Bernard ?

Josue Carballo, Orange Walk East Standard Bearer, PUP:Well we continue to be colleagues in the Orange Walk Town Council and so it shall go. We have the people at heart which is basically the number one reason why we ran.”

Reporter: Should this turn the other way around and Mr.Bernard becomes successful in that bid does the party, does Mr.Bernard or the party, can they still depend on your support in that area?

Josue Carballo, Orange Walk East Standard Bearer, PUP: “I am first and foremost already an elected councilor I ‘ve served in my capacity for many years even as deputy mayor and I always do it in a professional manner, in a manner that at the end I realize that it is not me it is basically the support of the people so definitely my full support to continue and so that is my commitment definitely to continue to fight for the people of the East because we definitely are lacking proper representation right now in Central Government and I’m sure and confident that I am the one that can bring back everyone together to make this victory be one for the people of the East.”

The PUP convention is slated for June 10, 2018.