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JP Association holds 17th Annual General Meeting

The National Association of Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court will be hosting its seventeenth annual general meeting on Sunday January 28. National president, Adrian “Danny” Madrid said that key points in their meeting are the appointment of some thirty new JPs and the recognition of many others from across the country.

Adrian “Danny” Madrid – National President

“We will be appointing new JPs, senior JPs and every year at our AGM we award those JPs who have shown that they have been working and can prove that they have been working and we give them a certificate of appreciation to those JPs who work; we also honor our commissioners at the Supreme Court. So that is what we will be doing this Sunday. Our guest speaker for our AGM is the Honorable AGM and we are also having another guest in the name of Ms.Melonie Burns.”

Madrid says there are over four thousand JPs across the country, many of who will be attending this weekend’s event. He also spoke of improvements that the Association has been undertaking to ensure the best services are provided the Belizean public.

Adrian “Danny” Madrid – National President

 “At the time we were all appointed politically and then if we feel now that things should chance that we should be appointed through the association, yes with the blessings of the Attorney General’s Ministry. The way we are right now there are hundreds of JPs who have been appointed who have criminal records and that is what we are trying to change. We are trying to lift the status of the JP because we know that the work that we do is very important for the public so we need JPs that have value for what they do and most of all with us you must attend at least a four hour training; because JPs are not trained, they are just appointed and thrown out there on your own and that is the reason why a lot of JPs have gotten themselves in trouble because they don’t know what to do. Now when you are a member of the association then you are trained and you know to read documents because we give you a four hour training. These new JPs that we are appointing this weekend they have to go through training before they sign any documents.”

The event starts at nine o’clock in the morning at the Lion’s Den in Belize City.