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JP Association invites new members, will the A.G. share the identity of new JPs?

The Justice of the Peace Association is hosting an annual general meeting for members on Sunday at the Lion’s Den in Belize City. The association is eager to bring together past members and the new members that were installed by the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte. The association president Danny Madrid says that they intend to offer training to the new members of the association.

Danny Madrid Chairman , Belize District Liquor License Board: “The Association of the Justices of the Peace and the Commissioners of the Supreme Court is having its annual general meeting this Sunday. The event will be held at the Lion’s Den adjacent to the KHMH Hospital and I must say that we will have the Governor General Sir Colville Young as our guest speaker this Sunday. The event starts at 9 AM in the morning and we are having delegates from the entire country: Justices of the Peace and the Commissioners and I want to extend invitation to the those newly appointed JP’s from the Attorney General’s Ministry to come and listen to what we have to say and what we have to offer because what we want to do to those new JP’s is we realize that they need training and without training you can’t do your job properly so we encourage them to come to the meeting and listen to what they have to say and we start at 9 AM in the morning. To become a JP it should be an honor to be one and you are a very respected, you are a responsible person, we have a lot of things to cover and we have hundreds and hundreds of documents that we have to sign and the law tells us how and when to sign these documents and that is the reason why training is very important. We have to go the Police Station to get caution statements from people especially from those people who are caught illegally in the country and some of them don’t speak Spanish so we need Spanish speaking JP’s and we have to go to Court whenever that happens because if a case comes up the JP has to go and identify what he or she heard that person say but we have a lot of documents like Passports which is very important and very technical and very sensitive documents to sign so the JP has to know the person before he or she signs that document so that is one of the areas that we are very concerned with and also signing documents of vital statistics and we are concerned about that and we must know what we are doing before we sign the document and also Social Security because people if you don’t know the person for more than five years then you should never sign a document for that person because sometimes he or she says just brings the picture and says sign it but you must include the amount of years that you knew that person and Social Security law is that you had to have known the person for more than five years. We don’t have the count of those who registered but as far as I understand we had at the time before the registration over 4000 JP’s and I understand over 1000 did register so we are asking the Ministry to disclose that information.

The guest speaker at the event is Sir Colville Young.