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Judge Lucas to decide the fate of three brothers

The fate of three brothers, (VO MURDER) 46 year old Phil Staine, 37 year old Kareem Staine and 41 year old Orlando Staine will be decided by Justice Adolph Lucas on November 5. The trio were on trial for the murder of 23 year old Denver Villafranco, a BDF volunteer who was fatally stabbed around 7 p.m. on January 17, 2015. Justice Lucas set the date for delivering the verdict today after he listened to addresses from Crown Counsel Portia Ferguson and attorney Bryan Neal that lasted for 3 days. At the trial that began on September 3 and which is without a jury, the Crown relied mainly on the evidence of three witnesses-Selvin Castillo, Rolando Ayala and Antonette Hemsley. Castillo testified that he was in a black truck parked at the corner of Sunflower Street and Complex Avenue when a fight broke out between the Staine brothers and Villafranco. Shortly after, Castillo said that he saw Phil stabbed Villafranco with a knife. Castillo said he reversed the truck from about 30 feet and the brothers jumped into truck and he drove away. Meanwhile, Ayala testified that the deceased and the brothers were fighting in a drain and he saw when Phil stab Villafranco. Hemsley did not appear in court to testify because she is in the United States. But her statement was admitted as evidence in which Hemsley said that she peeped from through her louvre window and saw the brothers surround Villafranco and one of them who was not Phil, stab Villafranco and Villafranco fell into the drain. Each accused gave a statement from the dock in which they admitted that they were involved in a fight with Villafranco but they did not stab and kill him. They said that Villafranco was walking past their house at the corner of Sunflower Street and Complex Avenue and Villafranco threw a pint bottle at Kareem. Orlando said that he and Phil intervened and a fight broke out between them and Villafranco. Orlando said that it was Castillo who took out a knife and stabbed Villafranco to the right side of his abdomen. He also said that Castillo drove them to an apartment behind Lakers Cool Spot and showed them the knife and told them he stabbed Villafranco. Villafranco also had injuries to the back of his head and to his shoulder. But the injury that caused his death was the stab wound. During the trial there was a locust, a visit by the court to the scene of the crime.