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Judge Recommends Mediation in Gomez vs La Inmaculada

In 2015, the board of the La Inmaculada Credit Union decided to fire its General Manager, Yolanda Gomez. In a televised statement, the President Ena Martinez made eleven allegations against Gomez. The board is accusing Gomez of quote, “substantial cash shortage, falsification of signatures on loan documents, improper cash management particularly in relation to the movement of cash out of the vault, unauthorized loan and interest write-offs, deliberate falsification of cash count reports, unauthorized use of the corporate credit card for personal purposes and fraudulent transactions resulting in financial losses.” End of quote. These are some serious allegations against Gomez who was the General Manager of the credit for more than twenty years. And it was because of those reasons that Gomez was fired. However Gomez decided to sue the credit union for wrongful dismissal. She hired the legal services of Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay who told the media that the court ordered both parties to make an attempt to solve the matter outside the court.


“The credit union defends the case saying that they did not wrongfully dismiss her and we have also sued the registrar of Credit Unions which is the governor of Central Bank because the Credit Union act specifically set out a procedure that is to be adopted where a complaint is made against a general manager or an employee and therefore the case is about that. So far we have completed the evidence of Mrs.Gomez, we are about to start the evidence of the credit union and the central bank governor but the judge has suggested to us that we try to settle it so that is what we are going to do.”

The La Inmaculada Credit Union is being represented by Senior Counsel Fred Lumor while the Central Bank of Belize is being represented by Senior Counsel Denys Barrow.