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Julius Advises PUP To ‘Go For The Kill’

Municipal elections are about six and a half months away and the machinery for both main political parties are beginning to rev up as they enter campaign mode.  For the People’s United Party, we spoke with Cayo South Representative, Julius Espat who told Love News that he is not assisting any of the western municipalities for this upcoming election.


The leadership of the party has a system set up where they are going countrywide trying to establish candidates, some are convention others don’t need to go to a convention because they are not challenged. I think Dangriga last couple weeks went through one. I was informed that Belmopan will be having one on the 27th of August. I believe San Ignacio will be having one on the 17th and we are going and we are moving ahead so the party is activating to a certain extent.”


Do you have a role in this, I know you are from a rural constituency but do you have a role in either of the municipalities.”


No I am not participating right now actively in structuring it. I am taking an overview of what is happening. I believe sometimes our style in Cayo South is a little too aggressive and some people are not really comfortable with that in other constituencies so we are looking. If anybody wants our help it will be a pleasure for us to go in and help.”

According to Espat, the PUP will need to hard work to be successful at the polls in March.


We go for the kill, we go all out in Cayo South we don’t make any excuses and I believe that is what we need but that style cannot be imposed people have to feel it and want it and understand it and our style also doesn’t involve paying people, it involves educating people, it involves convincing people and you have to work hard for that and if anybody wants to follow the style that we implement then my recommendation is to put in the work. Its not show time where you go in and smile and raise your hand and throw a little party here and there and believe that you will win. The style that Cayo South utilizes is one of hard work. I mean right now I am coming out of Cayo South I was there from last week Friday and everyday we have been on the ground and people are saying ‘Julius are you mad it’s not municipal.’ but why wait?”

A total of nine municipal bodies will be elected in March 2018.