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Julius Espat and PUP share different views on post of Deputy Leader

Area Representative for Cayo South Julius Espat is no longer a Deputy Leader of the People’s United Party. On Monday, the Area Representative tendered his resignation from the post, which the party accepted. He has said, however, that the move does not mean that he is bitter with his party or that he is stepping back from representing the people of Cayo South. The decision, he told Love News, has to do more with a difference in opinions as to how the PUP moves forward. Here’s how he explained it and the response from PUP Party Chairman, Henry Usher.

Area Representative for Cayo South Julius Espat: Originally when I signed up as Deputy party leader it was done under a structure that we had proposed to the party which was accepted, which was a decentralization of the party where you would have the deputies from each region being kind of semi-autonomous, making decisions and getting approval from the party and then moving on. The new leadership has changed the structure a little bit and therefore it made the post of deputy a little bit irrelevant or ceremonial if that’s another word you want to use and so I don’t believe in having a title that doesn’t function and so that is what I am saying it is not with any animosity it’s just if the new leadership wants a new style then fine.  I am giving them the opportunity to be able to do it without much objection to it. I believe though that it is not the proper way to do things and yesterday was a clear example when decisions are forced upon people and people start fighting for what they believe is right and wrong then you are forced to change back to what it should have been from the begging and so the people are rising up. People are expressing their opinion and fighting a little bit more for if you want to call it justice, you want call it fairness, I believe in fairness and so I am kind of happy that the people and the supporters are forcing us in a positive direction.

 PUP Party Chairman, Henry Usher: I think he has said that from the very beginning that being a deputy of this party is more of a ceremonial post than a hands on approach, it depends on how you operate in your office. That would be my answer to that, in reality the deputy for any region is the person or the office in charge of that region. You have somebody setting policy, you have the party leader who sets policy in his party but it’s the Chairman of the party who carries out that policy. In the region the deputy set the policy and the Chairman of the caucus carry out the functions or the policies of that caucus so it’s a dual function for both the Chairman of the caucus and the Deputy party leader.

 Area Representative for Cayo South Julius Espat: Theoretically what he said is true just that just like our laws we have theoretical laws that are not applied and I know it is not functioning because the support is not there and the advice is not listened to so that is why I am saying it’s a ceremonial post in the west. You cannot just theoretically that this post should do this and is responsible for this when in reality you don’t allow it to happen.


There is now a vacancy for a Deputy Party leader for the west and the matter is scheduled to be addressed by the national executive at their next scheduled meeting.